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Product Code : A.C.P.
Category : Battery Operated Cotton Picker

Special Features :- A.C.P.

1. Very Light in Weight & Compact in Size, but Very Speedy & Efficient in Operation.

2. Compare to manual work this machine gives approx 2 to 3 times more output in a day.

3. To meet the demand of current era, this machine is designed with latest technology and made very Compact & Portable to make it more easier in use.

4. Cotton Picked with the help of this machine is very clean & bulged out which helps in attracting more price than the cotton picked manually.

5. A single machine can give output equivalent to about two to three labours and thus can save big amount of labour cost in today’s inflated market.

6. Along with this Cotton Picker machine, A cotton collection bag with chain, A charger, A battery and a battery holding bag are also provides and all these are packed in a very small & compact Briefcase which helps in preserving all these very comfortably.

7. This machine being Battery Operated helps in preventing Air and Noise Pollution.

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